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‘’_who made my clothes?’’

_a fair question, yet not asked often enough.

_after the rana plaza factory collapse [2013] which killed 1138 people working for many fast fashion companies, fashion revolution was set up as a counter movement and to create educated and critical customers. they actively encourage brands and producers to demonstrate transparency in their supply chain by showing their customers who made their clothes and accessories.

_at [paper.] we believe that the key to trust lies in transparency and it is in our core values to treat people, animals, and our planet with the utmost care and respect. therefore, it is only logical that we inform you on who is making your [paper.] bags.

_let us introduce polkotech.

_based in pruchna [poland], polkotech was established in 2008. they have 35 seamstresses, which are experienced, know how to work with leather products and have the proper sewing machines to make a great [paper.] bag.

_a few months ago, we’ve visited the factory in poland ourselves and were pleased to see how professional they are and willing to learn how to work with our [paper.] material. they have acquired the iso 9001 certificate which demonstrates their ability to consistently provide products that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

_currently, they are applying for the iso 14001 certificate which sets out the criteria for an environmental management system in their organization. in other words: they are sustainable, care for our environment and want to show it!

_as they are located in the eu, high ethical standards are present which we also saw when we were inspecting the factory. the workers are being paid the average wage for a seamstress in poland and only work fair, regulated hours.

_we are happy to call polkotech the sustainable and ethical producers of our bags and are very confident that they will deliver quality products.

“_who made my [paper.] bag?”

_now you know. If we all ask this question to our fashion brands, we together can create a positive impact by asking the industry for more transparency.

_much love,

kathi. seb. bernd.

_who made my clothes? [paper.]


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