plant a tree.

_“for every bag we sell, we will plant a tree!

_this has been our goal and promise from the start when [paper.] was still a uni project. the thought behind it: give back more than we take.

_we see it as part of our mission to help improve the world where and when we can. our way of doing so, is by helping to plant trees with reforestation projects all over the world.

_the goal of these projects is to undo the destruction caused by global deforestation. ultimately, the absence of trees leads to droughts and floods which leads to extreme poverty, food crisis, loss of entire ecosystems and mass migration. planting trees helps solving these massive problems.

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_trees are the key to life. they provide a habitat for numerous animals, control floods and erosion, purify our water sources, refill the soil with nutrients needed for farming the land, and they take excessive co2 and turn it into o2.

_all quite positive things and although nobody would argue that planting trees is a bad thing, it still needs to be done by someone. luckily for us [and the world] organisations such as eden projects exist. empowered with their slogan plant trees, save lives they have successfully planted more than 139 million trees since 2004.

model, sustainable, ethical, apparel, paper rucksack, backpack, fashion, berlin, plant a tree, haiti

_the beauty of this non-profit organization is that they have scrutinized the problem as a whole and based on this have created a model that benefits the entire system. they involve the locals as to boost their economy and simultaneously make it affordable for companies like [paper.] to help make a change. everybody benefits.

_therefore, this blog is dedicated to share some positivity. to show how easy it is nowadays for companies to help improve the world, and [also] whom we have to thank for making this happen.

_it starts with eden projects who hires local villagers that are committed to plant the trees to restore the forests. they are then trained to plant native tree species and start reforestation. this provides them with a decent income and as the healthy forests begin to emerge the locals have developed a strongly embedded feeling of care for the forest [so no more massive deforestation.]

model, sustainable, ethical, apparel, paper rucksack, backpack, fashion, berlin, plant a tree, haiti

_at the moment eden projects has reforestation projects running in haiti, madagascar, nepal, and ethiopia. out of these four options, we have chosen to go with planting trees in haiti as it’s one of the most environmentally damaged countries on this planet. approximately 98% of its forests have been destroyed as the majority of the population uses wood as charcoal for their cooking needs.

_so, what’s [paper.]’s role in all of this? well, we donate money for each bag that we sell. the first kickstarter campaign has generated the sale of 111 bags which means we will donate money to plant at least 111 trees. eden projects will then take our donation and use it in haiti to:

- restore native forests
- provide food for villagers, shelter for wildlife, shade, medicines, soil - regeneration and climate regulation through a village-wide-tree planting program, and
- lift people out of extreme poverty.

_if you’re curious to what else eden projects is doing, check them out at

_this concludes the start of a hopefully long and fruitful partnership between eden projects and [paper.] our first donation of $250 has already been made which equals to 2500 trees that will be planted in haiti in the upcoming year. biannual reports will be provided as to show accountability. you can also find us on their website as a business partner.

model, sustainable, ethical, apparel, paper rucksack, backpack, fashion, berlin, plant a tree, haiti

_this first donation that will lead to the planting of 2500 trees would not have been possible without your support and believe in our project. all of this is prove that we collectively can make an impact that will benefit the whole world. thank you for being part of this!

_much love,

_your [paper.] team.
/// sebastian. /// katharina. /// bernd.


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