production story // materials & suppliers.

__hey there! this blog entry is about the materials that we use and which companies supply them. we are strong believers of being responsible by being transparent. therefore, we would like to share our suppliers & materials story with you.

__we carefully selected our suppliers based on their quality approach and their level of sustainability. we aim for a completely sustainable supply chain and it was an immense struggle to find suppliers who fulfilled our criteria. what is most surprising is is how low the industry standards are regarding sustainability and transparency.

__we were ignored, got redirected to the wrong people and spent countless hours on the phone. it took us over a year, but finally we found suppliers whom we trust and have the materials that fit our criteria.



__our straps are made from 100% hemp by a company in romania called fabricsfromnature. being one of the fastest growing plants in the world, hemp needs little [water] irrigation and has many positive qualities which makes it highly usable in various markets. fabricsfromnature only uses the most ecologic ways of dyeing [benzema] and stands for highest ethical and environmental standards. due to its long and strong fibers [and sustainable background] we have chosen hemp as the material for our straps.


/// buckles.

__we use olc buckles that consists of [partly recycled] stainless steel and which are produced by branscheid in germany. the company stands for delivering high quality metal products, and [unlike normal steel] their stainless steel does not rust or corrode easily when in contact with water. the buckles are 100% recyclable, durable and are thus a great sustainable option.


/// zippers.

__our zippers are from ykk and are made from metal. we chose metal zippers to ensure a long lifecycle and high quality.  these zippers fulfill our criteria in terms of sustainability, however we are eager to find a supplier that produces inside the E.U. once we have introduced our circular approach, we will reuse the zippers from our backpacks so that we that we can reduce waste.


/// yarn.

__we use cradletocradle® certified yarn from lauffenmühle [germany.] they have over 180 years of experience in the textile manufacturing of fabrics and yarn, and are one of the leading european manufacturers for high-quality fabrics and yarn. the cradletocradle® certification perfectly demonstrates how sustainable the yarn is.


/// lining.

__our inside material is woven from 50% tencel® and 50% polyester. both materials are made by lauffenmühle.

__tencel is an eco-friendly, natural fibre consisting out of wood pulp which is sourced from sustainable tree farms. it is 100% biodegradable and fsc® certified



/// bolstering.

__the material that we use for bolstering our bags is called sport-skin-vlies. it consists out oeko-tex® standard 100 certified polyester and it is made by sandler in germany; a company that has been in the business for 135 years and which stands for sustainable development and a strong sense of responsibility regarding ethics and the environment.



__this includes all the materials and suppliers that we are working with [our outside [paper.] material has it’s own blog entry]. we will keep looking for new ways to make our supply chain even greener so that we can keep offering you a backpack made out of high-quality materials while being ethically and sustainably produced.

__much love.

__your [paper.] team.
/// sebastian. /// katharina. /// bernd.



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