__hi. we are [paper.]

__hi. we are [paper.]

__a berlin-based responsible fashion label, and we craft rucksacks with a minimalist design out of a unique paper material. and with everything we do we are as sustainable as possible.

_
__our [rucksacks.]

__our [rucksacks.]

__we love rucksacks and we care for the environment. so we thought let’s make the best sustainable rucksacks out there. introducing: the [square.]

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__is the paper material waterproof?

__the outside material is our [paper.] mixed with polymer microparticles, therefore our rucksacks are water-repellent and insensitive to moisture. so going out with your rucksack in the rain is no problem.

__why do we use paper/cellulose?

__cellulose is one of the most sustainable materials. we only source from responsible forestry in scandinavia. fsc® certificate is pending. for more information read our blog about the production of our [paper.] material.

__what does sustainability mean?

__sustainable means that natural resources have mainly been used for production and that the environmental impact is as small as possible.

__what does minimalist mean?

__we call our design approach minimalist. it means that we choose to have clear lines and edges. our quality approach is very high and not minimalist.

__how many kilos can our bags carry?

__our rucksack can carry up to 15 kilos. however we recommend not to carry more than 10kg to ensure a long lifecycle.

__how many liters fit into the rucksack?

__the volume of our rucksack is 13.5 liters, which provides storage for your everyday items.